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Smelters to large production, tin short-term or rise

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
today Aaron tin after suppression Yang first. Opened to $17790 after quickly dropped to the lowest $17735, after the rebound, up to $17800, to press time closed at $17800, up $70, or 0. 39%. Volume reduced to 36 hand 98, 18975 hand holdings, no rise and fall. Shanghai tin main shock strong today. Concussion run after opening the overnight hit 116890 yuan, the lowest shock enhanced in the day, and the highest 118500 yuan in the morning, closed at 118130 yuan, up 560 yuan, up to 0. 48%. , and an additional 3052 to 16832 hand volume, open interest increased by 84 to 14430 hands. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot tin mainly deal in 118000 - in the morning 119000 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 750 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot tin metal extraction solution index at 118625 points, a rise of 687 in the last trading day. 5. Shipment today tin shock upside, smelter is less, the market supply is tight, few traders to move goods, downstream more for inquiry, but fear high purchasing less, overall clinch a deal. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution research results, traders believe that recent tin or rose slightly.

【 Center point 】
a stronger dollar, coupled with the active number of oil drilling continues to increase, cause prices to continue to pressure; At the same time, the market's expectations of the fed to raise interest rates to rise to 47. 5%, global easing expectations have increased, at the bottom of the base metal support strong, short-term stability period tin. Terms of fundamentals, since the central environmental protection inspectorate in tin producing, yunnan, guangxi, jiangxi and other regions have smelters to shut down, the market supply shortages further, traders have no goods to move, to boost prices higher, main Shanghai tin 20 daily average lines support remains strong, expected short-term tin or rose slightly.
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