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Solute solvent recycling and waste water containing phenol method

by:Deyuan      2020-08-15
Phenol wastewater treatment process need according to the requirements of the different extraction technology, using different solvent regeneration method, to separate the solute, circulation use of extraction solvent, solute solvent recycling and waste water containing phenol methods mainly include:

1. Used to separate the difference of solute and solvent extraction of volatile, adopt the method of distillation, separation of solutes solvent regeneration
2. If the extraction equilibrium is sensitive to temperature, can through the change of the temperature conditions, the solute from organic phase to water phase fresh again, further enrichment and purification.
3. Change the pH of the solution, or join a strong acid, strong alkali extraction, enrichment for separation of solutes can be obtained.

in one of the two kinds of phenol wastewater treatment after recovering solute and the solvent regeneration method can cooperate recoveried centrifugal extraction machine, has been widely used in the field of industry.
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