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Solvent extraction and separation pantothenic acid lactone

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
D - Pantothenic acid is present in the plant and the metabolic processes of lower organisms, known as pantothenic acid or the more acid, is one of the water-soluble vitamin B group. At present, the domestic demand for vitamin B5 years up to 2000 tons, and the demand of 10000 tons.
   D- Generic solution acid ester is synthesized D - Important intermediates of pantothenic acid, chemical synthesis of D - Generic solution acid fat, embarks from the cheap raw materials, was synthesized by multistep process maturity, but on the whole harsh chemical conditions, acid and alkali dosage and the problem of high energy consumption, chiral separation of main technical difficulties at the same time. Enzymatic synthesis of D - Pantothenic acid lactone high optical purity, can promote the competitiveness of the products, but the use of microbial fermentation of pantothenic acid lactone fermented liquid composition is complicated, separation is difficult. Solvent extraction method is used to extract pantothenic acid lactone, can greatly improve the purity of the product.

jiangsu a biological technology co. , LTD. Production of pantothenic acid lactone fermented liquid after 30 m/d. The company with ethyl acetate as extraction agent, the CWL350 - M type centrifugal extraction machine for the extraction and separation of the fermented liquid, extraction rate is as high as 99%, after the separation of pantothenic acid lactone product purity is high, meet the requirements of production. The process, simple and convenient operation, small pollution to the environment, using automated production, greatly reduces the labor costs.

centrifugal extraction machine in the operation of pantothenic acid lactone advantage:

1, the equipment has simple structure, stable, structure of suspension single fulcrum, processing area at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, no leakage risk, solved the centrifugal extraction machine failure frequently, the problem of short service life, save the costs for equipment maintenance.

2, equipment rely on centrifugal force role, capacity bigger, more energy saving.

3, in equipment manufacture, the material liquid of material according to customer choice, can choose the perfluorinated polymer materials, resistant to strong acid, Hydrochloric acid and mixed acid, etc. ) The corrosion.

4, a high degree of automation equipment, greatly save manpower, reduce the comprehensive cost, fully able to adapt to the intermittent and continuous operation.
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