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Solvent extraction combined with REDOX process metallurgical industry wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Metallurgical industry products is various, the production process all series, emit a large amount of waste water, is one of the main wastewater pollution of the environment. The main characteristic of metallurgical waste water is large quantity and many kinds of, water quality is complicated. According to the classification and characteristics of waste water source, mainly include: water, acid pickling waste water, dust and gas, flue gas washing wastewater, cinder flushing waste water as well as the production process of condensation, separation or overflow of waste water, etc.
of metallurgical industry wastewater treatment by oxidation-reduction method and solvent extraction processing:
wastewater oxidation reduction method: put the poisonous and harmful substances dissolved in the waste water through the REDOX reaction, the new material into non-toxic harmless, this kind of wastewater processing method called REDOX process of wastewater. In REDOX reaction, toxic dead material is sometimes as a reducing agent, it is need to plus antioxidants such as air, ozone, chlorine gas, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc. When the toxic and harmful substances as oxidant, require additional reductant, such as ferrous sulfate, ferrous chloride, zinc powder, etc. As if the current electrolysis, the electrolysis anode is a kind of antioxidant, cathode is a reducing agent.
solvent extraction: also known as liquid liquid extraction, extraction method for short. Extraction by organic phase and water phase are mixed, water phase to separate the material into the organic phase, again by two phase mass density different separate two phase. Organic phase generally consists of three kinds of material, the extraction agent, diluent, solvent. Sometimes adding some regulator in the extraction agent, to make the performance of the extraction agent better.
the classification of industrial waste water of cooling water treatment of cooling water in metallurgical wastewater and the proportion of the largest. A steel cooling water accounts for about 70% of the total wastewater. Cooling water indirect cooling water and cooling water directly.
pickling waste water treatment of steel rolling and other metal processing plants are generating pickling wastewater, including waste acid washing water and artifacts. Every tons of steel pickling waste water discharge 1 ~ 2 m, which contains the free acid and metal ions, etc.
wash water processing of metallurgical plant dust removal of waste water and gas, flue gas washing water, mainly in the blast furnace gas washing water, open hearth furnace and converter gas washing water, sintering and dust removal in the process of coking wastewater, nonferrous metallurgy furnace flue gas washing water, etc. The common characteristics of this kind of wastewater is: contains a lot of suspended solids, the change of water quality, and the water temperature is higher.
rolling and direct cooling water of ironmaking and steelmaking flue gas washing water is the main feature is the suspended solids contained iron oxide. Remove the suspended solids, in addition to using common precipitation method, also can use magnetic disc and the method of high gradient magnetic filter processing, magnetic disk and magnetic filtration in the processing system can be used alone, also can be combined.
nonferrous metallurgical waste water processing heavy metals such as copper, lead and zinc smelter, the waste water containing heavy metal ions, mainly from washing, wet smelting smelting flue gas and washing equipment, etc. Because in the ore in addition to the main metal refining, accompanied by a variety of non-ferrous metals, therefore, nonferrous metal smelting wastewater often contain a variety of metal ions and harmful substances at the same time.
metallurgical waste water extraction process is one of the physical chemistry of metallurgical wastewater treatment. Using the extraction agent, through the extraction effect makes the waste water purification methods. According to a solvent for the different materials have different solubility properties, soluble in some pollutant in the wastewater can be fully or partially separated. To cic with does not dissolve in water or wastewater is difficult to dissolve in water solvent ( Extracting agent) , make the dissolved some pollutant in the wastewater, By extract) The interface between the two liquid phase extraction agent and waste water into the extracting agent in the purification of wastewater.
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