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Solvent extraction deasphalting extraction tower

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
Solvent extraction deasphalting extraction tower was use the method of extraction, vacuum residuum from crude distillation ( Sometimes from atmospheric residue) Remove colloid and asphalt, to making deasphalted oil production at the same time asphalt product of a kind of oil refining process. Deasphalting, solvent dewaxing oil by solvent refining and hydrotreating ( Or clay refining) Preparing lube base oil with high viscosity, Residual oil) ; Also can be used as catalytic cracking and hydrocracking raw materials. Extraction process in the need for counter-current extraction operation. Extraction tower using packed tower, in recent years, with rotary extraction tower.
extraction solvent extraction tower deasphalting process principle is under the condition of reduced pressure distillation, or intermediate base crude paraffin base some valuable high viscosity of the lubricating oil composition, because of the high boiling point can't gasification and remaining in the vacuum residuum, industry is to use them with other substances ( Colloid and asphalt) The difference of solubility in the solvent and separation.
extraction solvent extraction tower and solvent deasphalting process usually includes extraction recovery. Extraction part generally adopt a extraction process, also can adopt two stage extraction process. Propane deasphalting, for example, extraction tower pressure generally to 2. 8 ~ 3. 9 mpa, the top temperature of 54 ~ 82 ℃, solvent ratio ( Volume) Is 6 ~ 10:1, the maximum is 1. Asphalt and less heavy deasphalted oil in the solution containing propane, adopts a evaporation and stripping recycling propane, light deasphalting oil containing propane is more, in the solution by multi-effect evaporation and stripping or critical recovery and recycling propane, stripping to reduce energy consumption. Source:
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