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Solvent extraction equipment is commonly used in hydrometallurgy

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Good range of extraction equipment, solvent extraction equipment is commonly used in hydrometallurgy often include mixer settler, extraction tower, centrifugal extractor. Below to introduce you to the three specific application in hydrometallurgy extraction equipment.
mixer settler is composed of a continuous feeding and mixing of the mixing chamber and a relying on gravity to liquid phase composition of mixing chamber, water phase and organic phase in the mixed contact indoor classics agitate, after being close to balance mass transfer process, mixed phase into the large clarification chamber for separating the two. Mixer settler is widely used in hydrometallurgy of metal in the process of solvent extraction separation and purification.
extraction tower with a large quantity, high efficiency and low operating cost, now has been popularized and applied in hydrometallurgy. From ammonia leaching of high grade nickel ore fluid such as cobalt and selective extraction from acid leaching liquid containing calcium and magnesium in the selective extraction of nickel, etc, has obtained the good effect, so extraction tower is also commonly used in hydrometallurgy of solvent extraction equipment.
in hydrometallurgy extraction process, especially when the series a lot or can use nonequilibrium extraction, centrifugal extractor also has a good prospect of application of solvent extraction equipment is commonly used in hydrometallurgy, of course, also cannot leave the centrifugal extraction machine. http://www
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