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Solvent extraction method to extract grape seed zhongyuan blue and white

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Grape seed extract is extracted from natural grape seed active nutrition with vitamin E and other major raw materials refined nutrition food. Grape seed extract is extracted from grape seeds of a human body cannot synthesize a new type of high efficient natural antioxidant substances. Grape seed zhongyuan blue pigment extraction method has a lot of kinds, but solvent extraction to extract grape seed zhongyuan blue pigment in the industry already has a great reference value.
the extracting method of blue and white grape seed central plains element
the original blue and white pigment extraction mainly adopts water, organic solvent extraction method, microwave method, supercritical CO2 method, etc. Purification method mainly include solvent method and the method of adsorption resin.
organic solvent extraction method, the main advantage of the characteristics of its solubility by method of organic solvent in polarity such as methanol, ethanol, acetone solvent, cold soak extract with ethyl acetate after further purification, such as using column chromatography separation. Because of its high efficiency extraction equipment and so on combined with centrifugal extraction machine, so the operation is simple, small stock of material, small footprint, strong adaptability, good performance, high extraction efficiency.
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