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Solvent extraction method to extract star anise application in the pharmaceutical industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Anise is specialty spices and traditional Chinese medicine in our country, is also essential condiment that occupy the home, is widely used in the food processing industry and spices industry. The chemical composition of star anise mainly includes the volatile oil, flavonoids, lignans substances and sesquiterpenoids lipids. The volatile oil is the main economic value, some flavonoids also have important pharmacological effects. Anise processing is still relatively limited in China, each year about 95% used as spices, only 5% used as medicine. Due to the chemical composition of star anise has not yet fully understand, is for the use of star anise only trans anethole and for the development of shikimic acid. Development of new technology of anise extracts, explore the all kinds of chemical components of star anise, the star anise the depth of the development and utilization of deep processing of agricultural products is of great significance.
this paper examines the industrial mass production under different pressure and extraction process in the extraction of star anise oil yield, the results show that the general application in mass production machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction method, no matter from the aspects of oil yield efficiency or quality, use extraction tower extraction and extraction tank extraction. By using steam distillation extraction of seven different producing area in guangxi of anise star anise oil, using gas chromatography, to join the internal standard substance, compare the content of fennel oil of anise brain. This article also compares the same origin of star anise obtained by steam distillation and solvent extraction of anethole content of anise oil. The results showed that solvent extraction oil rate is significantly higher than the steam distillation, but against the I type anethole content in oil of anise below water vapor distillation. Using solvent extraction of trans anethole rate is still higher than that of water vapor distillation, shows the solvent extraction method is advanced.
star anise extract shikimic acid is the main raw material of synthetic prevention and control of avian flu drug tamiflu, shikimic acid through effecting the metabolism of arachidonic acid, can inhibit platelet aggregation, inhibition, vein thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. In medicine, star anise and jianwei, flooding wind, promote the milk, the function of the heat, the cough medicine as taste masking agent, has been in the lead HouBao, compound hay films play an important role. In food production are applied to star anise extraction of essential oil as a food flavoring, usually such as alcohol, beverage, candy, baked goods, such as chewing gum and cigarette flavoring agent. The United States such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi is made of star anise oil as the main flavor.
the further research of star anise including medicine for the treatment of neurasthenia, indigestion, itching, flooding wind, promote breast, heat-clearing and analgesia, etc; And as a synthetic estrogen, hexane female phenol raw materials. The fruit of shikimic acid is the important raw material for chemical synthesis production.
the chemical components of star anise, star anise oil major components in volatile compounds trans anethole, followed by anise aldehyde, and a small amount of grass song brain, limonene, pinene etc. Researchers from different habitats and different varieties from the bark, leaves and fruits of the identified compounds, mainly anisaldehyde, cis allyl anisole, linalool, sassafras ether, methyl crotonic acid and some other phenolic acids. The trans anethole, grass artemisia brain and fennel aldehyde with star anise smell, is the characteristics of star anise flavor components. Limonene is lemon fruit smell, caryophyllene is sweet and bitter taste, carene also has a certain spicy, with faint sweet smell sweet limonene, linalool with floral smell, these ingredients for special star anise flavor has certain contribution to the function.
industrial production method of fennel oil extraction method are the main water vapor distillation, in addition, there are ultrasonic and microwave assisted steam distillation, solvent extraction and supercritical fluid extraction method and other methods to be exploited.
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