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Solvent extraction of xylene and water separation process effect

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Xylene is colorless transparent liquid, it is replaced by methyl benzene on two hydrogen product of existence, to the three isomers, between adjacent, in industry, namely the xylene isomers of mixture. In chemical enterprise, is a common chemical material, xylene when xylene is carried out by solvent extraction and separation of the water, the separation effect how?

solvent extraction is a selection of extraction agent, through the extraction separation equipment, the material liquid and mixed extractant, extracting agent will shift the material liquid in organic phase extraction agent, through the separation, separate the organic facies of water. Solvent extraction has the advantage of simple and convenient operating process, extraction separation effect is good, large quantity, the extracting agent was cheap, and recyclable use again.

for extraction separation equipment, there are extraction, extraction tower, centrifugal extraction machine, equipment and so on for solvent extraction operation, centrifugal extraction machine is widely used. Centrifugal extraction machine, compared with other extraction equipment on the working principle of the distinction that having essence, centrifugal extraction machine is rely on centrifugal force the two phase fluid for fast mixing, mixed with rely on centrifugal separation, separation effect is good, no entrainment.

xylene, separating from the water concrete operation process: material liquid containing a xylene and extraction agent according to certain compared through different inlet into the machine, centrifugal extraction by centrifugal force, two phase fluid by fully mixing and mass transfer inside the casing, xylene moved to the extraction agent, and then through the centrifugal force, two phase fluid fast separation, and through the outlet the body weight, to complete the separation process.

chose centrifugal extraction machine for solvent extraction operation, because of the centrifugal extraction machine processing, low power consumption, extraction separation effect is good, no entrainment phenomenon, can be continuous extraction, separation, washing and so on operation, effectively reduce the customer's integrated operation cost. Customers in the equipment selection, can undertake choosing according to the material system and capacity, if in doubt, can contact the online customer service!
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