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Solvent extraction technology to extract tea polyphenols in tea

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
In this paper, we study the solvent extraction technology to extract tea polyphenols in tea, through the extraction solvent of methanol concentration, extraction temperature, time and fluid - For two solid than jiangsu famous tea ( 'Biluochun' and made yuhua district nanjing tea) In the tea polyphenols content were studied, the influence of the optimum extraction conditions. Namely with 80% methanol as solvent, extraction temperature is 60 ° C, liquid-solid ratio of 7:1 ( mL / g) , the extraction time was 150 min. To further explore the purification methods of tea polyphenols, and select the best scraps as raw materials for the extract, green tea for tea polyphenols provide certain theoretical basis for industrialized production and determine the best raw materials.

solvent extraction is equilibrium process of tea polyphenols in solution, the temperature is too low, not easy to goal object extraction, too long will lead to the oxidation of tea polyphenols; Extraction temperature, extraction rate is accelerated, in a relatively short period of time can achieve solid liquid phase equilibrium. But tea polyphenols are easy to be under the high temperature oxidation, the rate will decline. Choose solvent, in addition to according to the principle of similar miscibility, should also consider the solvent selectivity, easy to recycle, the dissolution of proper density, surface tension, security, and chemical stability and other factors. Comprehensive above reason to choose the most commonly used solvents for methanol aqueous solution. Tea polyphenols extraction rate can be as the extraction time change and change. Extraction time, extraction rate is low, conversely, is to extend the extraction time. In the same conditions, if the extraction, the longer the tea polyphenols extraction rate is higher, but the tea polyphenol oxidation loss may increase. Different liquid-solid ratio of tea polyphenols extraction rate has a significant impact. Liquid-solid ratio is too low, not easy to goal object extraction, too long will lead to the oxidation of tea polyphenols, liquid-solid ratio is too high, and easy because of the influence of the organic reagents and damage the quality of tea polyphenols.

solvent extraction process of extracting tea polyphenols
1, the technological process, raw material pretreatment, extraction - filter - enrichment to turn solution to extraction, vacuum drying, finished product
2, extraction methods: solvent extraction
3, principle: also known as liquid solvent extraction method -- Fluid extraction, extraction method for short. Is one of the traditional extraction technology, the use of tea polyphenols, soluble in water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, ethyl ether, ethyl acetate and so on the nature of the solvent and insoluble in chloroform, separated from the tea. This method after extraction, noise and recrystallization main process such as tea polyphenols.
4. Application: mainly used in two ways.
(1) compound extracted from fermented liquid ( Product) , extraction of the target product is in microbial cells or microbial cells during fermentation, but also not completely so, by extraction of product release in the fermentation medium, solvent extraction process is the main purpose of the compounds released from cells of other analogues in separate effectively.
2) extracted from biological liquid or bioconversion liquid product, in this case, is the use of different degree of purification of cells or enzymes for biochemical reactions, the transformation of the substrate to target product, the process of solvent extraction and the extraction is different in the fermented liquid, it is never reaction substrates in the separation of the product of the reaction.
5。 Properties:
1) extraction process in selective
2) can be made to match the other steps
(3) by phase transfer products hydrolyzed
4. Suitable for different size fast

(5) mass transfer 6 toxicity and safety environmental problems
6, features:
(1) less damage to heat sensitive material;
(2) can be continuous operation, fast response, short production cycle;
(3) using multi-stage extraction, the solute concentration ratio and purified through high;
(4) solvent consumption is big, the equipment and safety requirements, need to various measures for fire and explosion prevention.

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