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Solvent extraction used in hydrometallurgy extraction of indium

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Now hydrometallurgy indium smelting mainly divided into two kinds, namely native indium and regeneration of indium. Native indium is extracted from ore main indium, is also one of the main sources of indium smelting. Regeneration of indium is after the scrap metal recycling smelting, mainly from minerals such as lead, zinc, copper, tin, a by-product of smelting process of recycling, but not renewable amount of indium.
the production mainly come from native indium minerals, native amount of indium was very large. Haven't found the separate of indium deposits, it with trace associated in zinc, tin and other minerals. When the content of ten per, how long will have industrial production value, mainly is extracted from sphalerite. Sphalerite in China are mainly distributed in yunnan province, yunnan has proved high iron sphalerite metal reserves of 7 million tons.
most of current production of indium from lead, zinc, copper, tin, such as a by-product of ore smelting in the process of recovery. Within the tin and copper from difficult to volatilize in the process of separation of indium, indium enrichment in flue dust and scum, most in the volatile of zinc and cadmium from the separation of indium, indium enrichment in the slag and residue. Production of indium in China mainly is extracted from a by-product of lead and zinc smelting.
with the continuous improvement of indium production technology, also showed a trend of diversification of the raw material sources, steel plant ash, copper smelting slag, lead smelting slag are starting to become a refined indium materials.
at present, the by-product recovery of indium from lead and zinc smelting technology is mature, but according to the current status of the use of even further improve the recovery rate, even if the consumption of indium in half using alternative materials, to around 2018, pure indium resources will be depleted, which is the latest in 2025. Therefore, first all of the problems we are facing is how to directly from lead and zinc ore containing indium, the extraction body metal metals such as lead, zinc and indium enrichment, the practical significance of comprehensive ore smelting process to achieve, rather than from a by-product of smelting recovery of indium, so can greatly reduce the production cost, improve the economic benefit.
at present, the main extraction technology of indium production in the world and the mainstream is extraction - extraction process technology Electrolytic process. Its principle process flow is: containing indium enrichment of raw materials and - chemical dissolution - purification - extraction and reverse extraction - zinc ( Aluminum) Replacement to sponge indium, electrolytic refining - pure indium.
90% of indium in the world production by-product from lead and zinc smelter. Recovery method of indium smelting mainly from the smelting of copper, lead, zinc dross, slag and enrichment of anode slime by recycling. Depending on the source of the recycled material and the difference of indium content, application of different extraction technology, the best configuration and benefits. Commonly used technology with oxidizing slag, metal replacement, electrolytic electrolytic enrichment, acid leaching, extraction, extraction, ion exchange, electrolysis refining, etc. The current is more widely used solvent extraction, it is a kind of high efficiency separation technology. Ion exchange process for indium recovery, also did not see reports of industrialization. From difficult to volatilize in the process of the separation of indium tin and copper, indium mostly concentrated in the flue dust and scum. In the volatile separation of zinc and cadmium, the indium enrichment in the slag and residue.
in the ISP lead and zinc smelting process, zinc concentrate indium enrichment in most of the crude distillation process in the production of crude lead, indium recovery rich indium crude lead, has been using alkali boiling indium technology, production capacity is small, high production cost, low metal recovery.
in order to simplify the indium extraction process, reduce production cost, improve metal recovery, according to the original mention of indium production process, the project by condition test, cyclic experiments and comprehensive experiments, research and development of 'rich indium crude lead electrolysis - lead electrolytic extraction indium' extraction technology, the optimum parameters of the new process is determined. Process flow is: the crude lead melting cast plate, electrolytic electricity load cell, indium in the anode dissolve into the electrolyte, when indium enrichment to a certain concentration, electrolyte can be taken out for extraction, extraction, rich indium extraction liquid after pH adjustment, displacement, pressure group fused cast get crude indium.
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