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Sophora centrifugal extraction machine extracted herbal skin care products

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
With the continuous improvement, development of extraction technology, the use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the traditional Chinese medicine sophora has got a good development in the industry, this paper mainly introduces Chinese medicine extraction equipment centrifugal extraction machine extracted herbal skin care products of sophora process. Centrifugal extraction machine extracted herbal skin care products

sophora process because of the bitter arguments in ethanol, chloroform, easily soluble in toluene, benzene, easily dissolved in acetone, dissolved in water, slightly soluble in hot water, petroleum ether. Centrifugal extraction machine in extraction of sophora, sophora first after crushing, alkalization, extraction, matrine mainly dissolved in the water extraction liquid; After adjust pH, matrine free out from the water, then using chloroform extraction, matrine into chloroform at this time, and then continue to complete follow-up purification crystallization operation.
using centrifugal extraction machine of Chinese traditional medicine bitter ginseng extraction, single-stage extraction rate was 95%, the secondary cross-flow extraction rate was 99%, the secondary counter-current extraction rate was 98%, the cross-flow extraction rate is higher than counter-current extraction rate, and single-stage and two-stage extraction rate can reach the requirements of industrial production.
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