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Spot prices lead to rising downstream pick carefully

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
closed Aaron lead closed up today. Opened in 1814 dollars, low 9 open. $5, quickly after opening higher, the afternoon tight trading range, 15:00 in $1827, rose 3. $50, or 0. 19%. Shanghai main lead 1609 month back slightly, opened in 14005, after a short period of time after opening rushed up to $14065 down step by step, at noon on falling speed is accelerated, the bottom of the $13840 stabilizing shocks to close, after finally closed at 13900 yuan, down 5 yuan, or 0. 04%, the lowest 13840 yuan today, up to 14065 yuan, 1152 holdings, hand to 2. 21. 76 million hands. Spot market overview:

today Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center spot lead report in 13850 - in the morning Average price of 14000 yuan, compared with the previous trading day up 200 yuan/ton. Today in the Shanghai area sands lead price 14000 yuan/ton, followed down, down to 13950 yuan/ton, constant bond price 13950 yuan/ton, 13910 yuan/ton, south TongGuan 13970 yuan/ton, constant state refiners not shipment, traders offer a rising tide lifts all boats, downstream isn't buying it. Single deal still mediocre.
【 Center point 】
most domestic commodity futures closed up today, is strong, black metal extraction solution is generally small. Aaron lead today closed up slightly, from the technical side, brin orbit gradually narrowed, mouth cloth forest rail can not provide effective support, we believe that afternoon trend will gradually go flat, short-term shock consolidation. Shanghai main lead fell slightly, today afternoon rapid decline, 1. 40000 pressure, the probability of falling short.
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