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Step by step extraction process of centrifugal extraction machine

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction process can be operated according to the extraction procedures or instructions step by step, step by step extraction process of centrifugal extraction machine is more important in industrial practice mode of operation, extraction temperature conditions, such as in the operation, but sometimes also can promote the separation of applying temperature gradient, in order to realize the separation of the scheduled target, such as purity, such as processing, raw material liquid and extraction phase A contact is not enough, if it be A in two phase extraction of solutes distribution coefficient K is not big enough, more than the extraction phase and A, not be recycled. If separation is of two kinds of solute distribution coefficient between A and B differ ratio is too small, the separation of A and B is not entirely; If the pending material liquid flow is large, short contact time in centrifugal extraction machine, and cannot achieve extraction equilibrium, due to the above factors, need to the cumulative effect of single stage centrifugal extraction machine, need to adopt the multistage centrifugal extraction machine, and the various link together according to certain rules, form a multi-stage extraction process. Centrifugal extraction machine of extraction process can be realized step by step extraction separation system.
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