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Strengthen performance management, and explore the potential employees, improve work efficiency

by:Deyuan      2020-07-31
In order to improve the staff overall quality, arouse the enthusiasm of the employees' work, and fully tap the potential of employees, optimize personnel structure, continuously improve the staff's working way and method, encourage employees to a good career development, improve the work efficiency, with one is formed within the company competitive atmosphere. In the second half of this year our company correction and adjustment scheme of performance appraisal, and carry out related training course. On October 15, 2018 and November 1, 2018, a total respectively on production system and technology system at the grass-roots level, middle management cadre training. During the meeting, zhang first of all, this paper expatiates on the company performance evaluation work. Then, in view of the new performance appraisal program, a total in PPT presentation and interpretation of the way, for the purpose of performance appraisal, such as content, process, indicators for the detailed interpretation of the instructions. Through three hours of training, participants for the significance of performance appraisal, evaluation content, implementation method, and the main aspects of a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding. Finally, zhang stressed that the appraisal personnel should strictly carry out the inspection work according to requirements of the assessment scheme. After the meeting, the management cadres to convey the meeting content to every employee, every employee should be taken seriously. Hope that through common efforts, do a good job performance evaluation, strengthen the continuous communication with employees, work motivation, performance evaluation can be converted to improve work efficiency.
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