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Super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane membrane demulsification with the feasibility of the development

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane and membrane demulsification feasibility development
with multi-layer composite structure of super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane with three-dimensional fibrous structure of hydrophobic membrane demulsification of oil-in-water type emulsion demulsification first, then the combination of separation experiments, using different basement of super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane type of water-in-oil emulsion separation experiments get the following conclusion:
( 1) The PPS - PTFE mixed in different proportions, adopt the way of multilayer composite coating a high plasticizing preparation of super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane, PTFE on the surface hardness test, measured the pencil hardness of 4 h resistance; Of separation membrane adhesion test, the test results of 0 level; Omentum in concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia for 60 days, acetone and other solvents, know that it has good chemical stability.
      ( 2) In the preparation of super hydrophobic membrane surface suppression sintered PTFE absorbent film, was prepared with hydrophobic properties of emulsion membrane; Through the contact Angle measurement instrument to measure the contact Angle of super hydrophobic separation by 156. 3 °, the contact Angle of membrane demulsification in about 133 °, diesel in super hydrophobic membrane separation and contact Angle on the membranes of the demulsification are close to 0 °. By electron microscope scanning, photos that super hydrophobic surface of the retina is composed of a micro nanoscale spherical particles, demulsification membrane surface with nanoscale fibrous drawing structure, the distance between the wire and the wire is about 2 microns.
      ( 3) Of emulsion membrane demulsification process has carried on the experiment and research, to lower the water after demulsification of oil content by ultraviolet spectrophotometer method to measure. Of emulsion membrane flux research in the first place, due to the presence of membrane fouling in demulsification starting phase in the rapid decline in flux, stabilize after 15 min; The effect of pressure was investigated at the same time, the increased pressure can significantly enhance the membrane flux, but can reduce demulsification membrane demulsification efficiency; By using the method of orthogonal experiment of demulsification pressure, demulsification film thickness and material of the oil content in water were analyzed, and found the demulsification pressure, film thickness has significant influence on separation and the influence of initial oil content was not significant; Under the condition of demulsification is 40 kpa pressure, using 0. 4 mm membrane demulsification of initial oil content is a mixture of 2 wt % of demulsification, demulsification income lower aqueous medium oil content is 7. 9mg/L 。
    ( 4) In this paper, we use homemade experimental apparatus, demulsification first, then the separation of oil-water mixture combination experiment. Examines the initial oil content and separating time of the raw material liquid separation process, the influence of the increase of initial oil content will make separation from water oil content increased to a certain extent, but when the initial oil content of more than 2 wt %, its influence can be ignored; As you progress through the experiment, the separation of the increase of oil content in the water, after the experiment for 30 min to stabilize the oil content in water. The experiment measured the initial oil content is 0. 5 wt %, the film thickness is 0. Demulsification of 3 mm film under the action of the oil content in water for 8. 4mg/L。
    ( 5) In this paper, the separation mechanism and the mechanism of demulsification was discussed, and the separation process there exists a critical pressure, when pressure is higher than the critical pressure, the mixture of water and oil at the same time through the retina against separation process, so its separation process for pressure should be controlled below the critical pressure; For its demulsification process pressure is higher than the critical water pressure resistance makes the ball type emulsion damage, but when the pressure is too high demulsification efficiency decline. At the same time on the demulsification process calculation, calculation the flow rate is 5. 8X 10- 4m·s- 1 with the experimental measured 6. 25 X 10 - 4m·s- The flow rate of the 1.
    ( 6) This experiment adopts the self-made simple device, using super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane of different aperture type of water-in-oil emulsion separation experiments, using Karl fischer water bills for measurement of water content in oil measurement. Operating pressure was investigated for 2 kpa, raw material under the condition of liquid water content to 2 wt % of capacity change with time, the separation of flux decline faster at the beginning, with the passage of time the decline gradually smooth, achieve stability after 20 min. At the same time to study the separation time, separation membrane aperture, operating pressure and initial water content of feed solution on the result of separation, with the increase of separation time, separation from water content decreased, stabilize after 20 min; Initial water content in the decrease of the oil to reduce the water content of solution, but a smaller effect; Super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane pore size, the smaller the separation effect is better; For separation process exists critical pressure, the critical pressure of water content in oil of the separated within smaller with the increase of pressure, pressure above the critical pressure separation efficiency and separation into a kind of linear relationship; 1300 mesh super hydrophobic membrane in 2 KP. Under pressure, the initial moisture content to 2 wt % of raw material liquid separation efficiency in 99. More than 75%, the water content in oil of at least 242 mg/L.
this paper tests the super hydrophobic oil/water separation membrane membrane demulsification with the various aspects of nature, and in the aspect of theory to verify the feasibility of the oil-water separation. While using super hydrophobic membrane separation and membrane demulsification of oil-in-water type emulsion demulsification first in separation combination experiment research; At the same time this paper also examines the super hydrophobic membrane of different aperture of continuous oil phase for the separation of oil/water emulsion, the experimental results show that it has higher separation efficiency; But due to time issues need to further improve in many ways, such as improved separation device, enlarge separation process experiment and investigate retinal separation effect of higher oil viscosity, etc. , hope that future researchers can more in-depth research, for oil/water separation membrane and membrane demulsification industrial � � � to contribute.
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