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Supercritical fluid extraction technology for large development

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
Takeaway: in recent years, traditional Chinese medicine industry is developing rapidly, and the related technologies have been significantly improved, including supercritical fluid extraction (sfe) technology has also made a breakthrough development.
scale expanding domestic industry of Chinese medicine, need the support of modern technology. In the process of supercritical fluid extraction technology in traditional Chinese medicine extraction process has a distinct advantage,
and thus is widely used in the production process of TCM.

of supercritical fluid extraction ( Referred to as SFE) Is a physical extraction technology. Its basic principle is that using the material specific critical temperature, the material state
between gas and liquid with similar gas strong penetrating power and similar to the solubility and larger density of liquid as the carrier, as the solvent extraction and separation of monomer,
there are efficient and difficult to oxidation, pure natural, no chemical pollution etc. , are widely used in food, medicine field.
the application research of supercritical fluid technology in our country, began in the late 70 s and early '80 s, started late, but development is relatively quickly, the current domestic part of supercritical fluid extraction equipment has
to achieve even more than the world level. The characteristics of supercritical fluid extraction technology, determines its in the pharmaceutical industry, especially the production of TCM and has a huge place,
in the extraction of effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, etc, are widely used.
the personage inside course of study points out that the continuous development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, the application of supercritical extraction technology and equipment demand will continue to improve, SFE technique is applied to extraction of natural medicines have
effect components, no residual solvents, no defects such as environment pollution, recycled solvent and extraction time is short, can shorten the production cycle. Is undoubtedly can improve the yield and product purity, and can reduce the cost of a
high and new technology, in line with international standards to make traditional Chinese medicine, TCM modernization, has good prospects.
as in recent years, constantly applied in pharmaceutical field separation and extraction of new technology, will continue to expand the application scope of supercritical fluid extraction, but it depends on the ascension of the whole industry technology.

the article source: China pharmaceutical network
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