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Supercritical fluid extraction technology has been widely used in the field of food and health products

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Health foods in our country has a long history, since ancient times have 'medicine food homology', said a source with the food and drugs, all previous dynasties materia medica and prescriptions of texts has a large number of records, including many of the health foods, such as citric acid wine, mulberry son honey paste, etc. In recent years is in the midst of the research of international health food ( Functional foods) Show its strong vitality, such research mainly revolves around medicine edible kind of natural biological. Like food, Medicine) With bacteria, herbs, part of Marine life, all is the emergence of a new generation of health food in recent years. Their main characteristic is can be used as a common food, and disease treatment and health care effect, but has no side effects, and the future development direction of health care and preventive medicine. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology as a kind of the extraction technology of green environmental protection, and the traditional extracting, organic solvent extraction, compared to water vapor extraction has the following advanced:
1. Won't cause low extraction temperature, the activity of heat sensitive material is damaged;
    2. Extraction speed, time is short, high efficiency;
    3. No organic solvent extract residues, carbon dioxide can be recycled, no environmental pollution, belongs to the green production technology;
    4. Co2 combustion and flame retardant, not use good safety;
    5. Carbon dioxide accessible, cheap production cost is low;
    6. The solvent and solute separation is convenient. Simply by changing the temperature and pressure can reach the solute and solvent separation, easy to operate.
due to have the above characteristics and advancement, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology applied in the field of health food has a broad prospect.
1, the characteristics and advantages of supercritical fluid extraction technology, the current got fully embodied in the field of health food. Extraction by supercritical CO2 extraction technology of corn germ oil has good selectivity, and can be done at the same time in the extraction of acid, deodorization, degumming and bleaching refining process, do not need high temperature, is good for energy saving and to prevent the oxidation of corn germ oil and cause the loss of nutrients in oil. Grape seed oil is a by-product of after wine or juice, the extraction of grape seed oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and nutrition health care ingredients, of which only linoleic acid reached 75% above, have lower cholesterol in the blood, regulate fat metabolism, prevent the formation of thrombus and softening vascular health care function. The extraction of grape seed oil is the traditional method has low yield efficiency and high content of impurities, unsaturated fatty acids are vulnerable oxidation decomposition and shortcomings.
2 supercritical CO2 extraction technology to extract the health food has biological activity such as green, natural, keep not easy heat decomposition, stability is strong, pure color and high extraction yield and potential to become a kind of health food has considerable development of the advanced extraction and separation methods. Although the supercritical fluid extraction technology in health food research and development in our country is still in its infancy, but with the development of high and new technology and the deepening of the research people, we believe that supercritical CO2 extraction technology will promote the development of the research and development to a higher level of health food.
3 as the improvement of material life level increase and people's increasingly attention to health, people advocate 'return to nature', more and more health food demand increase at the same time, the quality of health care products demand more and more is also high. Improve the quality of health care food and research development of high value-added, high grade, high quality health food is to meet the needs of market economy and people's health, especially after China's entry into the WTO, how to improve the health food market competition ability and market share, is a problem to be solved.
we can through the application of supercritical fluid extraction technology in health food processing, to improve the quality of health food, make it has the very good effect, thus forming a good effect, bring good effect in the market, to form a brand of sustainable development. To achieve this goal, you need the following: 1. To select excellent varieties of the health care effect, and has certain resources superiority; 2. Have certain technical innovation ability; 3. To further understand the market, adapt to market demand.
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