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Support the nickel review: a weaker dollar London nickel outshine others

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Retreat in oil prices dragged down commodities, but a weaker dollar support, good night Aaron nickel movements in other metal closed up $55, night Shanghai nickel plate of low consolidation, spot demand, nickel material today now or not.

the futures market: evening's price drag on the commodity market, but benefit from a weaker dollar support, evening is better than other metal nickel movements, and late closed up $55, the latest closing price of $9090, or 0. 61%; Today Shanghai nickel on the current opening price 70540 yuan down $1605 to $130, nickel 09:20 Shanghai 1605 contracts to 70350 yuan, down 320 yuan. Today the market news surface calm, nickel material within Shanghai consolidation is given priority to.

London metal exchange ( LME) 25, Aaron ni latest inventory of 418998 metric tons, less than the previous trading day 1926 metric tons.

is expected: because of the fed's meeting will be opened this week, markets wait-and-see atmosphere, the Shanghai nickel into short-term consolidation; Continuous reduce international nickel stocks, the current inventories to nearly four and a half months lows, slightly less than the spot market demand make supported nickel prices, is expected to spot nickel or not today.

【 Nickel information 】 The Ministry of Commerce on April 25, news: Australia has the rebar case dumping part make a ruling on China, China's relevant export enterprises will be 11. 7% - 30% of anti-dumping duties. Trade remedy to this, the Ministry of Commerce bureau chief said, simply trade remedy measures, can not fundamentally solve the problem facing the steel industry.
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