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Supporters back the boomerang British pension deficits have risen sharply

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
According to statistics, in a referendum in June 23, support more than 65 - year - old British withdrawal from the eu (60%), and they are suffering at present, the latest data show that in the back after the referendum overnight, the British pension deficit by 830 billion pounds before jumped to 900 billion pounds.

and, according to independent pension consulting firm HymansRobertson as of July 1, the difference is more be widened to 935 billion pounds, the pension debt of 115 billion pounds.

as a pension bond yields in the back of one of the important source of revenue for the referendum as investors sought a safe haven to buy after continues to decline, which makes the pensions industry under pressure.

the Treasury rates after July 1 UK pension plan amounts to 2. An all-time high of 3 trillion pounds.

HymansRobertson PatrickBloomfield said: & other; British pension deficits turned sad. But in the end, the biggest factor that determines whether retirees will get full pension is the British withdrew funding after the company's health. ”

former pensions minister RosAltman warned pension will be back after the referendum to Britain the influence of economic fluctuation. “ Good pension depends on good economic. Markets don't like uncertainty, while we are in uncharted territory. ” Altman said in a conference in London, & other; I hope we can solve the political turmoil as soon as possible, and as much as can provide each retirees or future retirees in countries with better policy. ”

the UK companies are trapped in a retreat uncertainty brought by the European referendum, which makes their borrowing, investment capacity and m&a behavior is restrained.

big companies like TataSteel and BHS has become a precedent of the impact of enterprise pension deficit.

Britain sponsored by Tata steel enterprise pension deficits of about 700 million pounds, which looking for a new owner Tata demands more complicated.

similarly, BHS in collapsed, its pension plan has 5. 7. 1 billion pounds. Need to bear the high debt risk is the ultimate hard to find flange is one of the main reasons.
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