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The advantages of solvent extraction technology to extract compound material

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Solvent extraction technology to extract compound material extraction method has greatly improved than before, to extract more convenient, high efficiency, effective component is not damaged. Tianyi extraction using. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine adopts the solvent extraction technology to extract compound class material in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry has been put into operation.
the following several kinds of solvent extraction technology to extract compounds. Views of the

flavonoids is a top compounds exists widely in nature, the number is very much, column top natural phenolic compounds. Traditional general methods of extracting brass compounds for the hot water extraction, extraction time, the intensity of labor is big, energy consumption of raw material pretreatment, shortcomings and so on heat sensitive components easily damaged. The advantages of solvent extraction technology of application to the study of the extraction of flavonoids in soon.

alkaloid class alkaloid class is a class of nitrogenous organic compounds from plant kingdom, mostly with physiological activity, is an effective ingredient of many Chinese herbal medicine and medicinal plants. Alkaloids extracted from plants using conventional method usually take time, work, low efficiency, and the solvent extraction technology can get significant results.

quinone class natural quinone compounds mainly include the benzoquinone, naphthoquinone, phenanthrenequinone four types of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for anthraquinone and its derivatives in class. Traditional hot water immersion, commonly used to extract the constituent of quinones decoction extraction or ethanol reflux extraction, extraction time, extraction of the heating element is easily lead to the shortcoming of quinones component damage. Solvent extraction technology for the quinones ingredient extraction, not only can obtain higher extraction yield, and in the extraction of effective components susceptible to damage.

saponins saponins class class composition is steride or low poly triterpene compounds, widely exist in Chinese herbal medicine. Including low poly triterpene compounds in nature than low poly steroid widely distributed, and have a wide range of biological activities. Extraction of saponins class ingredients decoction method is traditional or ethanol refluxing extraction. Solvent extraction technology used in the traditional method of extracting saponins class components, and the extraction efficiency is higher.
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