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The application of CWX series mixer settler

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Mixer settler was among the first to use and has been widely applied in industrial production of a extraction equipment, it is a step by step contact and mass transfer equipment. By mixing chamber mixer settler and clarify the room of two parts, raw material liquid and extraction agent in the mixed indoor full contact, mass transfer, and then into the clear chamber for split phase.
our company research and development of CWX series mixer settler can complete liquid - Liquid extraction of scientific experiments, also can be used for processing the smaller industrial production. The whole system includes a tub, stirrer, motor, controller, which the body has two inlet, two out of the mouth. Use 220 v alternating current (ac), control agitator rotational speed, the variable frequency drive controller by blender rotating mix the two kinds of material liquid, liquid mixture into the clear chamber by gravity separation.
this equipment is mainly used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, water treatment, medical, metallurgy and other fields, the structure of the extraction tank and the size can be designed according to customer's requirements.
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