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The application of solvent extraction technology in traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, in the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) centrifugal extraction mainly by supercritical CO2 extraction technology, molecular distillation, solvent extraction, overweight force field technology four ways.
because of the side effects of chemical drugs and synthesis of a new drug by people gradually know and need huge investment, western medicine western medicine to threaten human health and venereology far cannot satisfy the need of clinical treatment drugs, therefore, contributed to a Chinese medicine hot around the world. In the face of science and technology, especially the rapid development of pharmaceutical industry, international medicine academic exchanges between the increasingly frequent and pharmaceuticals market increasingly fierce competition, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in line with international standards, has become the consensus of Chinese medical workers.
in Chinese traditional medicine production VAT of boiling, steaming cauldron boil and plaque, spoon, cylinder has improved the condition of production equipment, centrifugal extraction machine and a multi-purpose extraction tank, stainless steel outer loop evaporation, multiple effect evaporator, fluidized dryer and other equipment, proprietary Chinese medicine formulations have larger development, by the pill, powder, plaster, Dan agent mainly developed into granules, tablet, capsule, oral liquid, a small amount of booster injection dosage forms, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) output expanded five times than in 1979, accounts for about 30% of the pharmaceutical industry output value above. However, this stage of the Chinese patent medicine is difficult to create registration, legal, sales and use in foreign countries.
from the point of view of the world natural medicine trade, China accounts for only about 1%, and the status of the natural medicine major producer unbecoming. The main reason is the industry of modern engineering technology level is not high, the backward aspects of preparation technology and modernization of dosage form; Many aspects of the production process is lack of scientific, strict process operating parameters, not only lead to the high consumption, low efficiency, but also a loss of active ingredients, curative effect is not stable, large dose use inconvenient, product appearance, color difference, and internal quality unstable; At the same time also appeared a lack of quantitative indicators in the system, the immanent quality of most products lack of curative effect is almost the same standards; Many compound preparations is difficult to understand the role of material base. Pill, powder, plaster, Dan, fairy cramped conditions have yet to be fundamentally changed. To change this situation, western medicine take Chinese traditional medicine, strengthen the competitive position of Chinese medicine in the international market, is the main way, with traditional Chinese medicine theory as the instruction, adopts advanced technology, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The focus of the modernization of Chinese medicine products can simply use 8 words to describe, that is, small volume, safe and controlled effectively.
in fact, it involves very extensive, the problem to be solved is more complex, but first of all, the key problem is to modern extraction and separation technology, preparation process, quality control, standardization and normalization. To this end, many medical experts repeatedly to the supercritical fluid technology, molecular distillation, membrane separation technology, freeze drying, microwave radiation induced extraction technology, slow controlled release preparation technology, all kinds of advanced chromatography and spectral analysis and other advanced technology, traditional Chinese medicine research and development and industrialization.
centrifugal extraction machine in under the auspices of the relevant state departments, the end of March 1998, from all over the country and Hong Kong more than 20 units of more than 60 experts and scholars gathered in xiamen university, probes into the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization, especially the important scientific basis of Chinese traditional medicine complex system problems, supercritical fluid technology, molecular distillation technology, liquid mass combination, etc, were also mentioned.
supercritical CO2 extraction technology, molecular distillation, solvent extraction, overweight force field technology are relatively new international four extraction and separation technology, adopt the technology for extraction, separation and purification of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is of great significance to the modernization of TCM.
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