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The basic requirement of laboratory centrifuge for material

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Single single stage type laboratory centrifuge because the structure is simple, the liquid channel is wide, the materials in the treatment of the solid impurities, its adaptability is better than a single multilevel laboratory centrifuge. But when the solid impurity content in the material, in the process of running will accumulate on the inner wall of the drum clarification of, make the operation of the equipment performance is poor, gradually its accumulated to a certain thickness, the drum dam section of part of the liquid channel jam, then only interrupted unpick and wash equipment operation. As for the single stage laboratory centrifuge, because the structure is more complex and part of the liquid channel is narrow, so more likely to be solid impurities clogging, and the equipment of disassembling and cleaning are also more trouble. So the material before entering the extraction system is necessary to remove the solid impurities.
add materials don't contain laboratory centrifuge can cause serious emulsification in the extraction process of impurities, otherwise should undertake the necessary preprocessing to remove it. Laboratory centrifuge rely on centrifugal force makes the mixture split phase, have certain ability of demulsification. But generally the centrifugal separation factor of laboratory centrifuge ɑ numerical just between several hundred to several thousand, and emulsion ability is limited. In case of serious emulsification, general laboratory centrifuge is not normal operation.
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