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The builder confidence index hit a September 11 months

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
U. S. housing developers association ( NAHB) And Wells Fargo bank jointly released by the builder confidence index (Monday On September 19) Came out. Builders have data, according to the results of the United States has reached a 11 months since the highest level of confidence. Built in the case of a late summer hot real estate market, developers have said will build more houses, and developers still concentrate on the main independent house.

independent house builder confidence index in September the end result is 65, and the index in August, the end result is 59. Last October, builder of the confidence index is 65. Data reflects the builders already from a relatively weak summer sales huanguo to god. In some parts of the housing market to keep the hot situation let builders enthusiasm, this also said they could start in the next period of time more buildings.

the NAHB chairman EdBrady said, & other; The national household income in a recent report showed steady improvement. And a nationwide builders have reported across sales heats up. The information eventually led to the builder confidence index rose sharply. For the real estate industry, it is a positive signal. ”

EdBrady said, & other; Independent house market is currently the most hot real estate construction market. We expect that this part of the activities will continue, and will continue until at least 2017. ”

the builder confidence index on a regional basis also reflected the current distribution of the hot real estate markets in the United States. Which is still the national construction enthusiasm is relatively low in the northeast region. But the confidence index also rose 1 point to 42 in September. The south also rose 1 point to 64. The region is now the second hot real estate market in the United States. In the western region is still the most hot regions in real estate, and the most growth in September, up 4 points to 73. And the Midwest region remains the same, builder confidence is 55.

the whole, the U. S. real estate market is still modest. Part of the housing market has been driving the trend of the environment. But overall, the development trend of relatively healthy.
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