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The central three important meetings to promote up private investment in the 'temperature'

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Securities daily reported on July 21: private investment growth is declining, has caused the central attaches great importance to the top. On July 18, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and state council premier li keqiang chaired a meeting of the provinces, Autonomous regions and municipalities) , head of the government to promote healthy development of the social investment conference, make further deployment. Since this is also in May, for three consecutive months senior central to expand private investment in an important meeting.

as an important force to promote China's economic growth, private investment has become to promote China's economic development, adjusting and optimizing industrial structure, the prosperity of urban and rural markets, an important force in expanding the social employment. At present, private investment accounts for the proportion of investment in fixed assets of more than 63% in China; China's private economy has contributed more than 60% of GDP, also provides 75% of jobs, more than 50% of the total tax.

but since 2015, our country private investment growth is declining, private investment growth in 2014 from 18, 2015. 1% decline to 10. 1%; And from January 2016 to June, private investment growth is lower than the same period last year 3. 6%.

private investment activity, to a great extent, reflects the endogenous power of an economy. If private investment growth rate continued to decline, will be serious drag on the investment in fixed assets, which have serious impact on economic growth.

in fact, from the point of macroscopic background, the folk investment slowdown associated with China's economic transition and structural adjustment. On the supply side, under the background of structural reform, many traditional manufacturing overcapacity in China are facing the market clearing. And the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises in a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of technology and capital reserves, combined with information asymmetry, hard to find a new investments. These factors interweave overlay, easy to cause the folk capital investment enthusiasm is not high, the will is not strong, also caused the investment slowdown.

however, the main cause of the private investment growth is slowing or structural and institutional obstacles.

from the preliminary investigation on the State Council inspection teams have found that our country some policy implementation does not reach the designated position, some laws and regulations lack of form a complete set of rules, without the benefits in practical execution falls to the private enterprises, all aspects of high cost, financing difficulties, financing and reason of limited access to private companies. The system, the institutional factors to a great extent, become the fetters of private investment.

the author suggest that to effectively promote our country's private investment, not only to enhance the confidence of investors, increase the intensity of private investment in the financing, thoroughly break & other; The glass door & throughout; 、“ Swing door & throughout; , and also to regulate the folk financial industry, can set up private investment in the industry association, etc. , fully stimulate private investment in potential energy, thus effectively promote private investment, give full play to private investment in the role in promoting the economic development of our country.
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