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The changes of National Day long vacation outside dish pounds now 'flash crash' gold and silver 'roller coaster'

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
China National Day holiday period, the international market no & other; Die & throughout; 。 Slump in midweek, gold, sterling diving have provided the subject to the market, and on the tail of the holiday, sterling performance & other Flash crash & throughout; Experience platform diving, on the same day the dollar, and the gold and silver price short-term violent pull litre, the crude oil for a week's gains are on the same day they come to an abrupt end, price has dropped to below $50 a barrel.

the market & other; Spectacular & throughout; Is closely related to the blockbuster news and a string of data. Lower than expected September non-farm new population in the United States and the former values, the unemployment rate began to recover, but in hourly wage growth and labor participation rate are increase from the previous value.

  “ As wage growth and labor participation rate increase is in the context of jobs growth fell slightly, so the data can not be fully economic reason for the fed to raise interest rates. ” Zheshang, research director at the macro financial futures Shen Wenzhuo argues that the fed will therefore more cautious to raise interest rates. “ August PCE is improved with U. S. inflation, rose 1% year-on-year, core PCE compared to 1. 7%, higher than the previous value of the probability is higher interest rates in December. ” She thinks. In November, according to the current federal funds rate futures rate increase rate is reduced to 8%, the probability of rate rose to 60% in December.

pounds by tumbling is considered and the UK early next year at the earliest start the program statements. On October 7, the city in early trading, sterling plunged against the dollar, or 6%, once in Britain since June, to take off the one of the biggest intraday decline after the results were announced. A lot of foreign exchange market traders in sterling have & other; Flash crash & throughout; Caught off guard. Markets think there may be a human error, and also with the French President francois hollande said Britain must bear to leave the consequences of the eu, concerns about the UK hold & other Hard to take off the throughout Europe &; Position. ThinkMarkets, chief market analyst at NaeemAslam said in a report & other; Is hard to take off the pounds lingering shadow. ”

for the dollar, zhuo and precious metals futures daily reporter zhang wei, an analyst told information, during the National Day holiday, the manufacturing and service sector data released by the collective good, push the fed to raise interest rates expected to heat up, the dollar index, a strong rise, and meantime pounds at record lows, pushed the dollar index rose further. Published on Friday September non-farm payrolls data is far less than expected, causing the dollar index since 97. 19 high retreat, collapsed short-term. ” Zhang wei said.

in addition to the foreign exchange market, the most dramatic changes during the holiday is precious metals. Within the National Day holiday, the New York Jin Zhou 60 degree drop. 2 dollars/ounce, at 1258. 6 dollars/ounce, or 4. 56%, its biggest weekly drop since November last year. New York 8 silver weekly drop. 68% to 17. 58 dollars/ounce, the biggest weekly drop since September 2013. Zhang wei said that the strength of the pound fell and the dollar index rose for the price of gold and silver form. Although & other; A shock & throughout; The non-agricultural data collapsed dollar short-term, but precious metals rally is very short. “ This is because the non-agricultural data for the fed to raise interest rates in December expectations have not. ”

in addition, zhang wei said that gold and silver after the break through the key support, a large number of programmed stop plate of the existence of market panic selling. On Friday, suspected & other; Fat finger & throughout; Procedural error also triggered a large number of automated trading, exacerbating the pounds drop, amplify the currency fluctuations, disguised as the dollar, gold and silver on its recent lows. “ Gold and silver down big, in the past week has been transferred to oversold situation, in the short term there will be a covering, give priority to with bullish market outlook still, this creates real investors the dips in good time. ”
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