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The characteristics of extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Is a wide variety of extraction equipment. In extraction column, two phase in the continuous countercurrent extraction process. In mixer settler two-phase extraction in some independent contact level. In the centrifugal extractor, two phase is mixed and separated by centrifugal force. However, they have some common features. In order to better understand the main factors influencing the extraction equipment performance, not constrained by the use of equipment form, liquid-liquid extraction process can be regarded as the three phase of the cycle.
     1. Scatter one phase to another phase, forming large area of phase interface.
     2. In the dispersed phase droplet and continuous contact a period of time, the degree of the balance of mass transfer process to close.
     3. The dispersed phase droplet aggregation, two phase separation and into the next level or step of the process ( Such as extraction, concentration, etc. ) 。 The 'dispersion,
Mass transfer - Aggregation ', then 'scattered - Mass transfer - Aggregation 'loop, has important effects on equipment performance.
in the process of liquid-liquid extraction, two liquid density difference is small, and the viscosity and interfacial tension are, therefore, the mixture of two phase and separate is much more difficult than gas-liquid mass transfer process. In order to make the extraction process more fully, make a phase in another phase dispersed into tiny droplets. Average droplet diameter is smaller, the event phase mass transfer surface area is larger, in general, the more beneficial to mass transfer.
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