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The characteristics of the centrifugal extraction machine. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine and its advantages

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
The characteristics of the centrifugal extraction machine mainly displays in the following nine aspects:
1, the use of the CPU electronic technology, will not realize the function of the used computer programs to give perfect implementation. Its function can � � now: over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overheating protection, undervoltage, overspeed protection, operation panel speed setting, panel potentiometer setting, external analog voltage control of motor speed, external potentiometer control, PWM signal control, etc. Adopting high speed core control unit control, operation safety, Control unit and power components full isolation) , flexible and varied speed mode, speed instantly, protect the function is all ready, power components provide hardware protection, etc.
2, this device can realize high speed operation for a long time, due to the use of the CPU program control technology running noise is very low, and the operation is very stable.
3, the centrifugal extraction equipment on the same frame for multi-stage countercurrent extraction, the machine in the process of high-speed flat, solve the problem of the dynamic balance and resonance.
4, implementation, and solve the above problem after making use of the equipment function more powerful, more perfect.
5, the making craft of the equipment, strives for perfection in the process. Equipment appearance bright and clean, its process is very perfect.
6, in multi-stage counter-current work state, at all levels are set between sampling valve, may at any time sampling data analysis was carried out on the extraction effect.
7, the height of the equipment design fully consider the user's convenience in use, can be directly after the separation of heavy and light phase into the liquid collecting device, to ensure maximum volatile gas leak proof system.
8, this equipment can be/min at 1500 RPM to 15000 RPM/min range runs smoothly, can a single extraction, also can be achieved series multistage countercurrent extraction, extraction efficiency is high, two phase short residence time, hold up, less intelligent operation, simple operation can be arbitrary change speed and separation factor. Adaptability is very strong, the two phase flow ratio can be adjusted in a wide range.
9, the separation factor of the device can be in 25 ~ 2500 range can be arbitrary debugging, processing can use range: 1 l/h ~ 10 l/h. Can provide all kinds of important data for large industrial equipment, based on our many years of experience with small. cwl type equipment made completely can completely meet the demand of pilot of the experimental data.
let's talk about. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine advantages:
. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine advantage mainly displays in: intelligent CPU program control can realize modularization connected infinite levels of countercurrent extraction. Extraction machine can replace the laboratory experiment of the separatory funnel in extraction and separation, the extraction efficiency is significantly higher than traditional extraction equipment. Can fast accurate realization of countercurrent extraction, obtain reliable technological parameters, is essential extraction purification equipment of the laboratory research and development department.
. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine amplification easy: the practice proves that using laboratory scale. cwl type miniature centrifugal extraction equipment and the use of the type. cwl pilot equipment process parameters can be fully applied to the industrial production of large equipment and extraction effect completely consistent, need not consider scale-up effect and so on. . cwl type high efficient centrifugal extraction machine option contract kettle type extraction equipment. This equipment is a continuous operation, extraction almost instantaneous, short separation time, high extraction efficiency, save time and effort save money. Is the right choice of implant companies such as: the separatory funnel in laboratory to simulate the four series of continuous counter-current extraction experiment was more difficult. Experience has shown that to attain real steady extraction process of separating funnel feed discharging oscillation of operation at least 48 times above, the complexity of the operation, not only time-consuming, laborious operators so many times of manual operation are not appear wrong operation, at this time will be wasted. Because material to pour, the material loss, so that the data error is bigger. If the series more, use the separatory funnel is almost impossible. . cwl type centrifugal extraction machine to replace the above operation will be very easy, instantaneous complete extraction separation. And separatory funnel was used to simulate counter-current extraction for different flow ratio under the condition of experimental parameters need at least half a month's time, workload is very large, if use. cwl type extractor in just a few hours to complete. And,. cwl changing the parameters of flow ratio is extremely convenient, only need to adjust the flowmeter can.
. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine is to have a high level of precision control type high efficient centrifugal extraction equipment. The device can be widely used in plant extract, extract of Chinese herbal medicine.
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