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The classification and extraction of molybdenum processing technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Molybdenum is a silvery white metal, hard and tough. Molybdenum elements indispensable trace elements is not only the human body and plants, also can be used as an important strategic material. Molybdenum exists in a variety of minerals, the study found that only applicable to the industrialized production of molybdenum molybdenite. Molybdenite can be only one mineral compound in a separate orebodies, but usually it with other metal, especially copper sulfide mineral symbiosis.

a, the classification of the molybdenum:

according to the content of molybdenum in the ore elements and the quality of molybdenum by-product can be divided into primary ore, ore, symbiotic product ore types. Original owner if the extraction of molybdenite; By-products of mining is to extract the recycling copper ore; The symbiotic product ore is extracted at the same time molybdenite and copper ore.

2, the traditional molybdenum mining and processing:

for molybdenum to mining, mined ore crushing, grinding, making it a tiny particles, the molybdenite released from gangue. Through the metal ion separation flotation leaching process, and then will glow for roasting of molybdenum concentrate, will make molybdenum calcine. If need other products, need more technology, the overall operation process is more complex.

3, ammonium molybdate, new technology of solvent extraction:

ammonium molybdate molybdenum products widely used in recent years, the extraction processing technology constantly improve at the same time. Dissolved molybdenum calcine in alkaline medium, Ammonium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide) , the solvent extraction method, choose the suitable extractant, molybdenum calcine solution and extraction agent according to certain proportion into the centrifugal extraction machine, through a mixture of two phase fluid and separation, the ammonium molybdate solution by crystallization or acid precipitation is turned into any kind of molybdate products.

4, ore extraction separation operation flow chart:

molybdenum industry development with the improvement of production technology, the use of solvent extraction in molybdenum processing is more and more widely, about the details of the centrifugal extraction solvent extraction principles and process operation, can contact extraction technology co. , LTD. Zhengzhou days!

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