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The classification of centrifugal extraction machine cascade extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
The multistage centrifugal extraction machine together in order to improve the separation efficiency of process, called cascade extraction. According to the different methods of organic facies water flow centrifugal extraction machine cascade extraction of classification can be divided into the following three.

1. Cross-flow extraction. Material liquid by a entry into, after all levels of the extraction liquid, with fresh organic phase in contact cascade extraction.
2. Countercurrent extraction. Material liquid and organic phase respectively by the two ends into the centrifugal extraction machine, this can make the water containing less easy to extract components and organic facies, which contained more organic facies and solid-liquid extraction components contact easily.
3. The fractional extraction. Material liquid containing elements to be separated by the middle of the cascade centrifugal extraction machine MouJi entrance, and two ends respectively into excluding separation material washing liquid and organic phase, the cascade way called fractional extraction.
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