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The classification of extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Can be classified according to the different way of extraction equipment. For example, can be divided into two categories according to their operation way: step by step contact extraction equipment and continuous contact extraction equipment. The former consists of a series of independent contact level of mixer settler is one of the typical kind. Two phase fully mixed in the mixing chamber of such equipment, and mass transfer process is close to balance, clarify again into another area for two phase separation. Then respectively into the adjacent level, multi-stage countercurrent operation. In continuous contact extraction equipment, two phase in the process of continuous countercurrent flow of contact and mass transfer. Continuous change, two phase concentration does not reach the balance of the real. All sorts of pillar extraction equipment most belong to this category.
in addition, the extraction equipment can also be based on the two-phase hybrid or produce the current method of classification, i. e. not mixing and stirring extraction equipment or borrow gravity countercurrent extraction equipment and borrow the centrifugal force generated countercurrent extraction equipment category.
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