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The cold air strikes as lead ingot transportation interruption or support prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 China in the fourth quarter GDP growth moderate or stimulate the government economic stimulus policies, overnight lead rose $14; Ready for the Spring Festival will come, some battery manufacturers at a low price, is this now lead prices edged up

' Lead futures market 】 Lead London opened in 1604 dollars/tons, touch up to 1638 dollars/tons, eventually closed at $1624 / ton, up 14 dollars/tons, or 0. 87%; Shanghai main lead 1603 contracts in 13010 yuan/ton, hit and a half months to plate between 13055 yuan/ton, then short lead pouring into Shanghai, center of gravity downward continuously, finally closed at 12965 yuan/ton. Positions, volume reduction of 6848 to 3040 hand, 98 to 15286 hand more holdings.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: winter cold air strikes, strongest player around the closed, lead ingot transportation or halted, forecast the spot market today lead prices haven't changed much.
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