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The commodity will be a 'silver ten' market?

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
National Day long vacation first day, the domestic commodity futures on the hot streak, zheng alcohol led energy chemical plate strong, black plate and non-ferrous plate is also doing well.

does start mean in the fourth quarter of the commodity will be continued to rally since July? Told reporters yesterday, some experts believe, commodity warming trend is expected to continue, non-ferrous plate, plate textile performance or good in September in October.

on the property market or bring variable

in September, the commodity market continued the hot in July and August, rose varieties mainly concentrated in the energy sector and non-ferrous plate. Which gains before 3 goods respectively polymerization MDI, coke and steam coal ( Bohai sea) , or 37 respectively. 26%, 23. 06% and 13. 56%. Non-ferrous plate at the end of September differentiation situation, all red. To lead, aluminium, Gains in September 8, respectively. 33% and 6. 02%) Led, base metals, including precious metals, to some extent.

September is the traditional peak season demand for goods. In the industry point of view, the peak season demand growth, combined with domestic and international oil prices stabilised to accelerate capacity and factory production maintenance, etc. Series of bullish interweave, jointly promote the commodity & on the other; Gold nine & throughout; An option.

” Silver throughout 10 &; Can you come?

this, haitong securities and futures high research director, told reporters on the future international market will be the factors that affect the futures market is more, including the federal reserve to raise interest rates, the OPEC meeting, the European central bank to cut the QE rumors, the pound flash crash, etc. ; Domestically, more than 20 cities on the housing market regulation measures, is likely to impact on economy and the upper reaches of the commodity.

cuhk JingChuan futures deputy general manager also think that intense as the real estate regulation policy, domestic demand may be a turning point.

” 30 cities real estate deal has been in the April peak, enter the quantity and price in the third quarter after departure from growing, not bring high investment high demand. Clinch a deal the land premium innovation at the same time, with high investment growth has lasted for 4 months of negative growth. With intensive regulation during the National Day long vacation, demand side optimism is expected to turn head. Although part through fiscal policy and infrastructure can hedge the decline in the real estate investment, but we think whether in investment or on the credit side, pull function is not enough to replace the property. ” JingChuan said.

color and textile sectors or stronger

to remove factors of real estate, the local market in the fourth quarter of goods can still look forward to.

think high, given the federal reserve to raise interest rates may be delayed, and the annual production capacity to enter the countdown, domestic goods market is expected to continue strong.

” Among them, the black plate of coking coal, coke, the low inventory, their production, transportation costs increase and imports fell, present strong probability is bigger in the future. But rebar, iron ore will continue to be starts to climb, inventories and other negative effects, especially real estate regulation policy effects. ” On the high said.

JingChuan argues that based on the side could be a turning point in the fourth quarter of domestic demand, and in the fourth quarter will be tight liquidity, coupled with the change of the supply side, namely the market from passive to active inventory to library, is expected in the fourth quarter there is overall rising is difficult, the local industrial products will face greater pressure.

no matter how to deduce afternoon, there are still some plates will bring a surprise to the market. Some in the industry consensus forecasts, non-ferrous plate and the textile sector performance or good in September.

business club non-ferrous bureau Bella lau, an analyst thinks, because the traditional peak season is still in the October, there will be a new round of growth in market demand, combined with the recent transportation out & other; 9· 21 overrun overload throughout the &; And so on, is expected to support non-ferrous plate, is expected in October non-ferrous plate market performance or good in September. Among them, aluminum, lead, is expected to continue to strengthen.

high, said the dollar temporarily not to raise interest rates for the domestic strength of metal extraction solution provides a good external conditions, non-ferrous plate rebound is expected to continue as a whole.

as for the textile sector, business clubs Xia Ting textile industry analyst believes that national cotton reserves in October to clinch a deal the hot situation and shortage of resources of the crop, or will lead to the xinjiang cotton purchase price higher. Downstream, jiangsu and zhejiang area to restart production, printing and dyeing, clothing enterprise to drive demand growth, is expected in October cotton prices will remain strong. Chemical fiber market, viscose industry policy under the influence to capacity in the supply end obvious contraction, the boom of industry will continue to be in rising cycle.
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