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The development trend of extraction equipment factory is introduced: the extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-07-26

in recent years, the extraction operation in biological engineering, high and new material production, and other fields has been widely used, the common method to extraction have been developed for the double water phase extraction, solvent extraction, etc, at the same time, the extracting equipment factory production equipment of professional development for centrifugal extraction machine, pulse tower, mixed - Settler, etc. The future development trend of extraction equipment will be used by extraction equipment factory is introduced in detail. 。 Change and mass transfer separation form along with the development of the extractive industries, traditional way of strengthening mass transfer in the form of separation of will also tend to refine the droplet size and to increase the phase in the form of turbulent transition in, this is in order to obtain a number of materials more contact and mass transfer area, improve the work efficiency of the extraction equipment. Ultrasound, impinging stream and rotational flow can reach the purpose of strengthening mass transfer separation, all praise of extraction equipment factory will be gradually introduced into the extraction equipment. 。 Extraction and detection equipment together extraction equipment factory is introduced in order to more convenient in various fields using the efficiency of extracting equipment or testing equipment ( Such as the extraction rate and purity of extraction) Equipment manufacturers for extraction, extraction and detection technology used in combination with online. Such as extraction equipment with gas chromatography, liquid chromatography equipment combination, the combination technology makes extracts without metastasis after extraction can be analyzed directly, and get more in the quantitative analysis of the effect. 。 New extraction equipment research and development with the improving of the extraction needs, extracting equipment factory is committed to research and development and production of new equipment, there are microwave extraction, solid phase microextraction equipment available, but the equipment operation cost is higher. Therefore, how to develop a concise and efficient, safe and economic and suitable for a particular technology or process of new extraction equipment, it remains to be further exploration and development of the extraction equipment factory. In terms of generalization, extraction equipment manufacturer to introduce the development trend of extraction equipment including form and mass transfer separation, extraction and detection equipment together, and for the development of economy of new extraction equipment. Extraction equipment factory has been in continuous efforts, and strive to become the reliable quality and price of extraction equipment factory production out of the economy, the high quality of extraction equipment.
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