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The Dragon Boat Festival long before the callback profit away from zinc prices high

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 By early zinc prices rise too fast, the overnight long profit leave Aaron callback zinc fell $34, focus on China today may trade data or fall, short-term zinc prices are still falling space, today is zinc prices to fall.

【 Of zinc market] London zinc in 2027 dollars/tons, a slight touch high zinc in early Asian time Aaron to 2036. $5 / ton, high rapid callback consolidation, Europe and the United States long time profit, zinc hitting lows of 1983. 5 dollars/tons, to 1994. 5 dollars/ton, down $34 / ton, or 1. Increased by 68%, volume 15329, 3927 hand, holdings of 282307 an increase of 3267 hands; Shanghai zinc main 1608 contract small low open to 15705 yuan/ton, long after opening significantly underweight, Shanghai zinc center of gravity down, low recorded 15475 yuan/ton, low buying slightly, closed back part of the trend in 15585 yuan/ton, down 170 yuan/ton. The main contract volume to 22. 50000 hand, holdings drop 9474 hands to 22. 20000 hands.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: high zinc callback, today is the last trading day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, long profit underweight, days zinc prices remained weak, zinc ingot spot market trading, forecast the spot market today zinc prices fell 150 yuan/tons
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