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The edge extraction equipment in wet metallurgy industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Hydrometallurgy is to utilize the ore leaching agent, ore concentrate, calcine the valuable metal components and other materials dissolved in solution or in a new solid phase precipitation, and extraction for metal separation, enrichment of science and technology. Because of the metallurgical process is mostly done in aqueous solution, therefore calls hydrometallurgy.
because of the high speed centrifugal extraction machine, mixing effect is good, so can greatly shorten the mixing time, and because to replace gravity, centrifugal force can accelerate the separation of two phase. The extraction equipment structure compact, unit volume flux is big, so it is especially applicable to chemical stability, Such as antibiotics) , need to contact time is short, short product retention time of system, or easy to emulsification extraction, separation and difficult system. The disadvantage is that because of the precise structure, cost and maintenance cost is higher than other types of extractor.
by using certain metals in organic solvent in aqueous solution and in aqueous solution, allocation proportion is different, when a good contact with organic phase and water phase and water phase some metal will selectively transferred to the organic phase, this transfer process is known as the extraction of metals. In hydrometallurgy, commonly used in aqueous extraction of valuable metals or as a means of solution purification. Because contact with aqueous and organic solvents are liquid, and is often called the solvent extraction liquid liquid extraction.
and other separation process, such as precipitation, ion exchange, compared to remove solvent extraction has high extraction and separation efficiency, exempt from filtering, less reagent consumption, high recovery rate, large capacity, easy to realize automation and continuous, etc. In recent years in wet metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection and other departments widely used.
a extraction system is usually composed of mutually dissolved organic phase and water phase. Organic phase is composed of extraction agent and diluent, aqueous phase containing one or more often by extraction and separation of metal ions. Be extract from organic phase to aqueous solution is known as reverse extraction. According to the water phase whether material liquid containing suspended solids are divided into clear liquid extraction and pulp extraction. By the number of extraction process selection of extraction agent in two or more known as synergistic extraction and reverse extraction together.
centrifugal extraction machine because in hydrometallurgy industry has developed rapidly in recent years, has now been replaced slowly, such as extraction tank ( Mixer settler) , extraction such as extractive tower equipment, at present is widely used in nonferrous metallurgy.
the mixed clarifying extraction box generally said, extraction tower sealed cover an area of an area small and volume is the advantage of its potential. Mixer-settler extraction box, on the other hand, covers an area of big, but no special requirements for equipment for regional, whether in the cities or can be built using in mines, so the current large mixer-settler extraction tank mostly built in mine, and is a outdoor job.
the mixed clarifying extraction tank mostly consists of two of the container, the mixing chamber and clarify the room, the composition level. Water phase and organic phase in the mixed indoor, input energy mix them with a blender, after being close to balance mass transfer process, mixed phase into the area of National People's Congress to clarify two phase separation chamber. After the separation of water phase and organic phase flow respectively mixing chamber adjacent level, realize the counter-current multistage extraction.
the extraction tank mixing chamber and clarify staggered arrangement in the same enclosure, with the diaphragm, two phase flow between adjacent level opening connected by the corresponding partition in the cabinet, no pipe connection. Mixer, usually use blade only plays a role of two-phase mixture. The flow of the liquid is produced by all levels of the density difference between the two phase of the driving force, so the extraction tank must ensure that a certain height, otherwise difficult to achieve the liquid gravity, because the flow of density difference to produce thrust is proportional to the liquid depth. Current to reduce the number of equipment area, increasing the flow of unit volume, box-type extractor is widely used in non-ferrous metallurgical industry.
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