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The emulsification problem analysis in the process of centrifugal extraction machine operation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-10
Centrifugal extraction machine is a new, fast and efficient liquid - Liquid extraction separation equipment, solvent extraction method is adopted to improve the work in operation. Solvent extraction is a kind of efficient separation technology, is widely used in energy and resource utilization, biological and medical engineering, environmental engineering, the development of high and new materials, etc. Centrifugal extraction machine is the use of motor driven rotary drum high-speed rotation, achievement by centrifugal two-phase liquid liquid, liquid two phase extraction and separation, are widely used in hydrometallurgy, wastewater treatment, biological, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, spices, dye, atomic energy industry and other fields.

in the choice of material liquid centrifugal extraction machine, have the following requirements: 1, the two phase liquid must not mix; 2, two phase fluid density difference, at least in 0. More than 1; 3 doesn't contain solid, liquid, or can only contain a small amount of solid. But in practice, because of the nature of the raw material liquid, high-speed rotation of the centrifugal extraction machine, factors such as temperature, material in the fluid system can produce solid precipitation and emulsification phenomena, resulting in decreased efficiency of extraction, separation effect becomes poor.

the forming reasons, solid and solution

1, the solid generated reason

centrifugal extraction machine generated in the process of operation of the solid reasons are: (1) raw material own fine particles in liquid or floc. Part of the raw material liquid contains a small amount of fine particles or floc, hard to find, directly with the raw material liquid into the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, gradually accumulate, deposited on the drum wall. (2) raw material liquid and extraction agent into the extraction machines, contact with each other, the reaction between some composition, producing solid. (3) raw material liquid into the extraction machine, temperature change and produce crystal precipitation.

2, solid problems

solid generated will cause deposits on the inner wall of the drum drum diameter smaller, destroy the balance of two phase fluid within the drum interface, resulting in the separation effect becomes poor, extraction efficiency decreased and smaller capacity and a series of problems.

3, solution

for such problems, zhengzhou days. cwl - extraction technology research and development production M series centrifugal extraction machine can be used in accordance with GMP standard online cleaning system, effective to solve this problem.

2, emulsifying phenomenon causes and solutions to

1, the emulsion generated reason

in raw material extraction separation, some material system is sensitive to shearing action. Under the agitation of centrifugal extraction machine, a phase in the material system will break up into small droplets, these fine droplets can spread to another phase, the original is not mutually soluble oil and water two phase each mixing, emulsification.

2, emulsifying problems

emulsification of emulsion can form solid membrane with charge, preventing droplet coalescence stratification, separation by centrifugal force, cause the separation effect, or two phase with each other, the extraction efficiency is low.

3, solution

in view of the emulsifying phenomenon in the process of extraction, extraction technology research and development production. cwl - zhengzhou days M series centrifugal extraction machine can be handled at source. In front of the extraction operation, the binder system, the adjustment of the mixed structure, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of emulsion.

centrifugal extraction machine equipment:

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