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The euro zone's comprehensive July PMI final value for 53. 2

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Wednesday, On August 3) The euro zone's latest survey shows that the euro zone last month business expansion speed slightly faster than previously estimated, currently the region seems largely out of the effects of referendum in June to take off the British.

but growth remains weak, the surge of Germany over France continued sluggish performance, as well as the slowdown in Spain and Italy.

Markit, the report said the euro zone comprehensive July PMI final value for 53. 2, higher than the initial value of 52. June 9 and 53. 1. In 2013 years later, the composite PMI was remained above 50 from dividing line.

ChrisWilliamson Markit, chief analyst, & other; PMI rose slightly is a welcome sign of final value, reflecting the actual situation the initial showing slowed slightly better, and this also is the special encouraging signs that showed how the eurozone as a whole is not affected by the British withdrew the referendum. ”

but Williamson says, & other; At the start of investigation is reflected in the third quarter, the economic quarterly growth only 0. 3%. So weak growth will inevitably stimulate the market of the European central bank ( ECB) Measures of speculation, it will discuss the European central bank (ECB) can and should take what action and when to boost economic growth. ”

worth relief, however, the euro zone's output prices subindex 49 since June. 1 jumped to 49. 8, a top 10 months, shows that the enterprise almost did not reduce the price. But inflation remains well below the European central bank's target of 2% level.

the euro zone's dominant service sector growth in June rose slightly, services PMI from 52. 8 rose to 52. 9, higher than 52. 7 the initial value.

in addition, the service enterprise the new hire fastest speed 'since the beginning of 2008, suggests that these enterprises are expected to further improve economic situation this month. Hire index from 53. 1 to 53. 7.
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