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The eurozone GDP growth in the second quarter of 0. 3%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
On Friday, On July 29th) Official eurozone economic data. The eurozone GDP growth in the second quarter of 0. Quarter of 3%, with expectations, but less than 0. 6%. This is mainly affected by the euro's second largest economy dragged down by the French economy, it is not seen growth in the second quarter, in the first quarter GDP growth rate was 0. 7%.

0 eurozone inflation in July from June. 1% to 0. 2%, the main driving force for food and tobacco prices.

data also showed that the euro zone's unemployment rate in July and June was flat, at 10. 1%.

the whole eu, GDP grew by a quarter of 0. Slow to 0 5%. 4%.

INGBank PeterVandenHoute chief economist, said: & other; The good news is that the economy is still a certain kinetic energy. But Britain withdrew the uncertainty brought by the expected economic acceleration co. , LTD. ” The eu data for the first since the British withdrew the referendum.

the French side, its economic growth in the first quarter, mainly by people in the 2016 European cup before booking hotel and ticket. But as the end of the euro, its growth stagnated in the second quarter. According to the analysis made by French data organization by Insee, the biggest drop in spending for food.

French finance minister, said in the second quarter of the French economy rising fatigue was disappointing, but expected full-year GDP growth remained in 1. 5%.

, chief economist at Natixis PhilippeWaechter doubt it: & other; 1 for the government. 5% growth, the factors can reverse the situation? Growth drivers? ”
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