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The extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extraction machine) Solvent extraction separation of osmium

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
From alkaline medium or medium of sulfuric acid osmium can easily be oxidant oxidation for volatile osmium tetroxide, even from hydrochloric acid medium, with reducing osmium liquid chlorine or nitric acid oxidation can be same as osmium tetroxide, therefore, the precious metal refinery distillation recycling osmium, the extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extraction machine) Study of solvent extraction separation of osmium is far far less than other platinum group elements.
extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extraction machine) When solvent extraction separation, osmium and ruthenium with ferrous sulfate reduction ruthenium tetroxide first, then add the concentration of nitric acid to the 5 mol/L, ruthenium at this time no longer oxidation into four chloride, so don't be extraction, and osmium well by extraction with 1 mol/L sulfuric acid containing 1% thiourea solution using extraction device, Centrifugal extraction machine) Can put the osmium effective extraction. Source:
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