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The extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extraction machine) Two-phase solvent extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
The extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extraction machine) Two-phase solvent extraction method is the use of various components in the mixture in the two mutual miscibility solvent partition coefficient of different ways to achieve separation. Extraction if each component in the two-phase solvent partition coefficient, the greater the difference, the greater the separation efficiency.
extraction device, Centrifugal extraction machine) Two-phase solvent extraction in the operation also note the following:
1) With small tube first violent vibration wave about 1 minutes, observe two fluid layer stratification after extraction. If easy to produce emulsion, a large number of extraction to avoid violent vibration wave, can prolong extraction time. Such as emulsifying phenomenon, emulsion layer can be separated, then use the new solvent extraction; Or the emulsion layer suction filter, or heat the emulsion layer slightly; Or a long time to place does not rotate, make its natural stratification. Emulsifying phenomenon is serious, can be used in a two-phase solvent reflux extraction plant continuously.
  2) 2, dilute solvent dosage is too large, affect the operation.
  3) Solvent and aqueous solution should maintain a certain amount, the proportion of extraction for the first time, solvent want to some more, generally for 1/3 of the water extract, the dosage of the later can be a bit less, a quarter - general 1/6.
  4) General extraction 3 ~ 4 times. But hydrophilic hard to turn into larger components organic solvent layer, must increase the extraction times, or change the extraction solvent.
extraction device, Centrifugal extraction machine) Used by two-phase solvent extraction equipment, such as small extraction, can be in the separatory funnel; Extraction of quantity, but in smaller CWL20 - M type centrifugal extraction machine. A large number of extraction in the industrial production, CWL50 - in more M type pilot laboratory of centrifugal extraction machine, fully mixing, mass transfer, the second liquid separation. Source:
information network in this paper, website: http://www. cncuiqu。 com
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