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The extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extractor) Glycol solvent extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Domestic extraction device, Centrifugal extractor) Glycol light aromatics of kind of solvent extraction and separation technology research is also done many work, began in the 50 s, 1965 research and development by China diethylene glycol solvent extraction separation of light aromatic industrial equipment were completed and put into operation.
extraction device, Centrifugal extractor) Glycol type of solvent extraction process operation conditions and physical properties of the solvent, the raw material composition are closely related. Glycol type solvent extraction due to the viscosity, low temperature flow is difficult, so they usually in the 100 - operating temperature 150 oc. The extraction equipment ( Centrifugal extractor) Because of its unique design, strong adaptability, reliable and continuous counter-current, not because of the change of the material influence extraction effect, in glycol type of solvent extraction technology has been widely used.
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