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The extraction equipment ( Extraction tower) Design and classification

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
The extraction equipment ( Extraction tower) Design and classification of the main work is to determine the diameter of the tower and section height. Start with liquid flow divided by the operating speed of tower section, calculate the tower diameter. Then according to the characteristics of the tower and the department of nature and the separation requirements, determine the mass transfer unit height and mass transfer unit number, and finally to multiply for a quick work of the tower height. There are also according to the theory of equivalent height and section height series calculation work.
centrifugal extraction machine compared with extraction tower, it can make use of centrifugal force to accelerate the droplet subsidence stratification, so allow fuel mixing that allow a drop finely, thus strengthen the extraction operation. Centrifugal extraction machine has two categories, classification and differential contact. The former in the centrifuge and stirring device, form a single stage or multistage centrifugal extraction machine. Centrifugal extraction machine especially suitable for the small difference in density between or easy emulsification system, due to the material stay in the machine for a very short time, and can also be applied to chemical and physical properties of volatile substances extraction.
the commonly used extraction tower type design and classification are:
1) rotary extraction tower: in working segments, equidistance to install a set of ring plate and the work period of divided into a series of small room, every room center has a rotating disk as a stirrer. These disks installed on the main shaft located in the center of the tower, by mechanical device drives the rotation outside the tower. Rotary tower has simple structure, large capacity, has a high separation efficiency, it is widely used in petroleum refining industry and petrochemical industry.
(2) pulse extraction tower: device in the working period of unitized sieve plate ( No overflow pipe) Or packing. Pulsating flow produced by pulse device, by introducing the bottom pipe, make the whole tower liquid for reciprocating pulsation. Pulsating flow on sieve plate or packing intercropping high-speed relative motion produce eddy current, prompting droplet finely and uniformly distributed. Pulsed column can achieve a higher separation efficiency, but the capacity is small, often used in nuclear fuel and rare element factory.
3. Vibration plate extraction tower: the sieve plate series, installed in the tower at the top of the plant, a reciprocating motion in the vertical direction, take the churn flow, similar to the pulsating tower mixing effect. Source:
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