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The extraction method and treatment of coking plant wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Phenol wastewater is a kind of sources severely harmful to its recycling, industrial wastewater emissions, should be first processed extraction method of removing phenol is a kind of widely used the phenol wastewater treatment method in the treatment of high concentration phenol wastewater ( ρ> 1 000 mg / L) The advantage is obvious.
extraction processing method is to add a sewage incompatible with water but it is a good solvent of pollutants ( The extraction agent) , make its mixed with sewage adequately, most of the water pollution transfer to the extracting agent. Then separate sewage and extraction agent, can make the purified sewage; Then extracting agent instead of the solute in ( Pollutants) Separation, extraction solvent regeneration, for the extraction process, the separation of pollutants is recycled.
in the domestic, extraction method are widely used in the pretreatment of wastewater containing phenol and phenolic recycling. Treatment of waste water containing phenol concentration is higher than 400 mg/L, the effect is very good. In liquid-liquid extraction method, the selection of extraction agent is one of the most important factor. More used in removing phenol extraction agent, commonly used with kerosene, washing oil, heavy benzene N - 503 ( N, N- Dimethyl heptyl b phthalein amine) , crude benzene, N - 503 + kerosene mixture, 803 # liquid resin, etc. Abroad have b phthalein benzene, butyl acetate and cool, three of the cool, isopropyl ether phosphate, etc. The N - 503 is a highly efficient dephenolizing extractant, the removing phenol with high efficiency, small water soluble, no secondary pollution, it is not easy emulsification, physical and chemical performance is stable, easy to phenol solvent recovery and regeneration, etc. It is used to extract three nitrophenol, emergence rate in 99. If more than 5%, compared to 1:1, extraction rate of removing phenol of up to 99 at a time. 98%, and the distribution coefficient of 1527, and the regenerated solvent extraction capacity attenuation. Waste water containing nitro cresol is a 5% to 95% of the available N - 503 system to extraction of kerosene, recycling 75% one 90% phenol, extracting agent and the ratio of water to 0. 2:1, after a recovery extraction, every tons of waste water recycling. 02 kg of phenol. At present, a lot of production by continuous extraction, continuous extraction using counterflow tower more operating mode.
main equipment: sieve plate tower, packed tower, sieve plate tower, pulse pulse packed tower, tower of turntable and centrifugal extraction machine, etc.
a coking plant adopts the extraction recovery process of waste water containing phenol as shown in figure 1

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