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The extraction of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment of anthracene ring element

by:Deyuan      2020-08-14
The structures of anthracene ring element by anthraquinone and sugar with one or more subunits. More effective component concentration within the mycelium. Because they have very high biological activity, toxicity, therefore the operation should be paid attention to closure. Therefore, Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract the anthracene ring element has the very good reference value.
days extraction extraction research center for Chinese medicine extraction equipment for the extraction of anthracene ring element extraction process: distribution repeatedly with several kinds of solvent extraction, make free alkali soluble in organic solvent, and its sulfate or hydrochloric acid soluble in water. NCI and further development of extraction technology and simplified. With mixed solvent of impurities have greater selectivity. The crude extract with 30% acetone - water Toluene solvent washing especially effective. Because there is a lot of toxic anthracene in cells, so the separation process must have a special protective measures, require almost similar to protection of radioactive substances are used.
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