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The extraction separation equipment which can be applied to production field

by:Deyuan      2020-07-27

in order to improve the purity and cleanliness of the produce extraction separation equipment are used a lot of production, extraction separation is extracted in various impurities mixed materials need material, extraction separation is simply extracting high purity for the purification of means of production. To separate the density is the same but not mutually soluble material quickly. Extraction separation equipment to solid-liquid separation of two kinds of material form, extraction separation equipment are used which production areas? A, petroleum chemical industry car power still has a lot of used oil production field but untreated oil can't use, it will be a lot of dangerous material is easy to explode, in order to improve the security of oil use will be purified to him, using the extraction separation of impurity and dangerous substances in the crude oil refining equipment, only keep relatively clean burning oil to safety. Second, biological pharmaceutical industry cut important person will know potions out no matter how careful is liquid, the liquid will make it harder to drink the medicine and is not easy to save, thus making a complete Chinese medicine hospital in selling will be purified in advance, to use the liquid and liquid separation, extraction separation equipment when buying small package liquid medicine of traditional Chinese medicines patients will find potions is very clean, it's thanks to use the running stability of the extraction separation equipment to remove the impurity in the potions. Three waste water treatment, waste water treatment field is to protect the environment have to do to save water, sewage disposal is the necessary content in the property management fee, sewage containing oil detergent and other pollutants must pass through purification to emissions, extraction separation equipment to separate all kinds of pollutants, keep the water clean, the cleaner the separation of the faster the speed of the water cycle to reduce water stress. Extraction separation equipment to be used in the field of purification of each production, wide application range and strong practicability are loved by many factories. Equipment of high quality and reasonable extraction and separation of purified rate is higher and more rapid operation, when a large number of separate raw material, also can ensure the purity of separation, the busy season of extraction separation equipment in the factory can ensure work efficiency.
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