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The extraction separation of laboratory centrifuge in the food industry

by:Deyuan      2020-09-14
With the practice of the solvent extract useful substances from natural ingredients in the food industry has a long history. Laboratory centrifuge extraction separation in food industry of common solution for aqueous solution, and to extract the substances are mostly have higher solubility in water, which largely limits the application of liquid-liquid extraction.
oil industry can be said to be an exception, fat-soluble materials in oil industry is more, accordingly, liquid-liquid extraction has a wide application. First is useful in the oil refining process of liquid-liquid extraction deacidification and dewaxing practice. Second oil factory by-product contains many useful substances, extraction is one of the most common method of extraction. On these occasions, liquid-liquid extraction with smaller size and simpler operation manner, such as using laboratory centrifuge extraction separation of useful substances in food industry.
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