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The federal reserve recently won't raise interest rates Morgan Stanley said the dollar is expected to fall by 5%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Morgan Stanley's chief global currency strategist at Hans Redeker said on Thursday that the federal reserve recently could not raise interest rates, economic data will become worse, and the dollar will fall 5%.

Friday's U. S. second-quarter GDP data appear to justify his point of view.

the U. S. Commerce Department data released yesterday showed that the United States in the second quarter GDP from initial growth is 1. 2%, expected to 2. 5%, the former value by 1. Correction of 0 1%. 8%. Bloomberg, standard chartered bank senior economist Thomas Costerg before data published comments, according to the U. S. economy is still & other; Throughout a stop-go &; Trend, the second half of may.

GDP data was released, the dollar fell to 1. 3%, its worst weekly performance since April.

bond traders bet on the fed will not raise interest rates before September next year. Earlier this week, the bond market, according to investors expect the federal reserve has a 50% chance of raising interest rates by the end of this year.

investors poured into the bond market after the GDP data. Two-year Treasury yields to rise in a month high, put an end to the decline of the previous three weeks.
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