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The first American election on the eve of the global stock market crash

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
First the election will be held in Beijing today 09:00, global stock market crash. Asian stock markets generally poor performance today, the European stock market is also good for silver led by bank shares fell slump dragged down by 1. 4%, close to the biggest drop since July. U. S. stocks opened lower after continue to fall, nasdaq or has now expanded to 1. 28%. Oil prices rose before OPEC countries informal meeting on Wednesday, WTI crude oil has reached over 3%.

the three major stock indexes qi qi opened lower after continues to decline, the nasdaq has fallen by more than 1%.

in good for silver led the drag on bank stocks, the Europe Stoxx 600 index tumbled more than 1. 4%, close to the biggest drop since July, the European stock markets fell by more than 1%. “ Panic index & throughout; The VIX rose 3. 28% at 16. The euro.

Angela merkel, German media said yesterday ruled out may aid the bank by the government, the market worried about the us department of justice of the $14 billion settlement amount affected deutsche bank's liquidity and solvency, deutsche bank in June. 3% refresh days, a record low, and led by the European bank stocks. Ubs's share price fell more than 4%, credit suisse down 3. 43%, barclays, royal bank of Scotland and standard chartered bank, are more than 2. 0%.
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